About us :)

At InkedWishesAU, we create and sell greeting/birthday cards that celebrate your passions. We understand the joy of receiving a card that speaks directly to your interests and captures the essence of who you are which is why the greeting cards we create are a little different to what you would usually see in a store.

Every occasion or milestone is an opportunity to express your love, appreciation, and celebration. Our mission is to help you make those moments unforgettable with our custom-made cards. Whether it's for a family member, a friend, or even yourself, our cards are designed to be cherished and kept as keepsakes.

As of late, InkedwishesAU has been branching out their products to also include gifts to purchase with any of our greeting cards. These include custom wall clocks or framed posters of your loved one's favourite car. So keep an eye out for these products with many more to come :)
On our site, you will notice many of our products are automotive related. This is not by accident. We too are car enthusiasts and what a way to celebrate our love for our pride and joys than to share them with the world, in all forms! We also are pet lovers and enjoy a funny card here and there so we have included these too.

If you live in Australia, you will qualify for free shipping! This is our thank you to our fellow aussies for being our biggest supporters. We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your order always so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out any time!

Happy shopping!

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